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Can big companies undermine government authority?

It is argued that the juggernauts (big companies) can supercede the governments.

Following the collapse of the aeon of the dark ages, the periodisation of the renaissance brought about embracive and inclusive paradigm shifts in politics, economy and intelligentsia. The unbridled rise of capitalism and mercantilism as a result of geographical explorations sprung up many affluent capitalists who started undermining the absolute authority of the monarch, thereby the glorious revolution perpetuated a novel phenomenon that virtually shattered the ultimate ascendancy of the king. The driving force behind this unprecedented and nurturing happening was capitalism with the formidable force of capital (sometimes redoubtable for the king). The glorious revolution induced constitutional monarchy. In fact, the constitutional monarchy was a compromise between the king and the capitalists’ exponentially rising dominance.
The world witnessed a new form of political configuration (a mixing of the capitalists and the king). This is the point when the power of authority was sabotaged. So, if such shifts would happen in future, they would not be novel of their kind.
The glorious revolution perpetuated an unprecedented political configuration in the form of the constitutional monarchy. The system of the constitutional monarchy was the need of the hour because all the trade was carried out in the name of the monarch. From this, it is insightfully conspicuous that capitalists bargained a species of settlement that suits them most. But now, when people are educated and well-informed, supplanting a democratic dispensation with capitalist totalitarianism is not seemingly possible. But this does not imply that no change could occur in the formation of a political system.
As it has made evident that when many axes of farmers floated a formidable resistance against the corporatisation of the farming industry, the government was forced to revere the action. India is infamous for its two capitalists (“Tata Birla ki sarkar”), who has lobbied the government on numerous occasions. Therefore, there is no doubt that a complete change in the democratic system is not easy, rather it is next to impossible.

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