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Detrimental fallouts of smoking

Why should you abandon smoking forthwith?

Since time immemorial, smoking has horrendously affected human beings in one form or another. It has been a persistently nagging problem that has enormously bedevilled the world. People are well cognizant of its grisly effects on their lives but they are nonetheless intemperate in its consumption. They are well cognizant of the fact that smoke intake entails horrible and gruesome hazards; they consume it nevertheless.  Numerous medical interventions have been instituted overtime to make people desist from smoking. But apparently, they have yielded negligible and inconsequential results. Smoking forbearing is demanding and gruelling because some people develop an inveterate habit of smoking. Below are the causalities why people are so vulnerable to smoking that they capitulate to smoking impulse without posing any resistance.

There is an assortment of potent reasons why people succumb to the smoking urge. One of the important factors is the social milieu. Because a man is a product of social ambience, society or social surroundings has the greatest influence on him. If his family or one of them have an incorrigible habit of smoking, it is not difficult for a person to fall prey to smoking. Research has borne out the fact that most smokers get this abominable habit from their parents or families at large.

In the same vein, a bad social setting or company pesters a person more than anything else. It is a general fact that a man is a social animal which implies that he affects and is affected by his social environs. Friends are one of the most important factors in influencing a person’s behaviour, personality and preferences. If a man happens to be a part of a bad gathering or group of people, his vulnerability to falling victim to smoking becomes an all-time high. It is impossible to assert that a man is not affected by his immediate environ (surroundings) if he does not have any penchant for bad habits. Though in rare cases, he does not readily submit to smoking urges, he will definitely have to suffer implicit reverberations. It is inconceivable to contend that attending a bad gathering of people regularly or on daily bases will not leave any unpalatable and adverse effects on your personality.  Secondhand smoke is an established risk factor for the carcinogen, which is commonly known as an environmental carcinogen. While social milieu is one the principal reasons why people capitulate to smoking, there are other equally important factors contributing to making men susceptible to smoking.

In addition to the above-mentioned causes, there are other factors that are instrumental in making a man fragile to smoking. One of them is lax control of parents on their child’s predilections and routines. Some children are highly socialized, extroverted and gregarious, they like socialization without any restraint. But, during this formative and vulnerable period of life, they are not well aware of what to do and what should be abstained. So, their parent needs to have strict control over them, otherwise, it will be detrimental to their children. In this formative age, parents’ lax and heedless watch over their children makes them all the more susceptible to smoking. Parents’ non-restrictive and permissive control coupled with their children’s predisposition for excessive socialization adds to the susceptibility, thus leading to the capitulation to social evil or smoking.

Additionally, scanty awareness about why people prefer life to death aggravates the condition. Most smokers start intaking cigarettes during the impressionable and developmental phase of adolescence. Because children are not imparted awareness concerning the detrimental effects of smoking and, also, they are not told that their age is very vulnerable, so they must not tread this road. Hardly any school disseminates cognizance on the subject of smoking and its causes. Resultantly, obnoxious and distasteful repercussions follow.

In addition to individual characteristics, intimate personal environment, and insufficient information, another contributing factor is their wider social and cultural environment. In some societies, smoking is not viewed as a bad habit at all. Their social norms are too lenient to consider it a vile habit. In such societies, it is not a surprise that tobacco promotion is carried out on a wide scale. Because such societal ethos does not abominate smoking at all, the legal framework for cigarette availability and accessibility is also permissive and excessively lenient.

Furthermore, some people surrender to smoking-related behaviours out of perceived stress. Studies have shown that cigarette smoking is massively triggered by stress-related issues.

Likewise, some people are conquered by the failures they confront in worldly conduct such as business fiascos, relationships breakdown, and personality characteristics like some people are introverted and withdrawn as a result of which they fall victim to the loneliness which is also a triggering effect of becoming exposed to smoking and chronic exasperation that comes with the struggle to achieve something in life or to become a successful person. These all are the potently conducive factors to making a person defenceless to the lure of smoking in such disturbing and stressful situations.

It is unchallenging to fall victim to smoking because when a man faces up to the adverse consequences of mundane life, he resorts to intoxicants as a way of escapism from the materialistic world. When temporal challenges bother a person, it seems complicated for a bedevilled person to resist the irresistible temptation and enticement of smoking.

Having discussed the many well-founded, overwhelming and forceful reasons, now it’s time to shed a spotlight on the harmful and disastrous ramifications of the intractable habit of smoking. Smoking is a great risk factor for a gamut of mental as well as physical morbidities.

One of the most horrendous and spine-chilling medical consequences of habitual smoking is that smoking intake is massively linked to premature death caused by tobacco intake and environmental air containment. It is proven that cigarette smokers develop a higher risk factor for several chronic disorders including the buildup of fat in arteries, various kinds of cancer and chronic lung problems. As per the publication by the World Health Organization smoking causes 30 per cent of all carcinogenic deaths, 20 per cent of all coronary cardiac diseases and 80 per cent of all chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

In addition to these adverse effects of cigarette smoking, there is a profusion of other pathological consequences of smoking. Clinical examinations and studies have figured out that smoking engenders a reduction in longevity and also other age-related diseases linked to oxidative stress, such as cardiac and vascular morbidities, lung diseases, and cancer, which are principally responsible for fatality in the elderly. One caveat is that these diseases are heritable.

Likewise, smoking aggravates and troubles respiratory conditions. Smoking damages the lungs and causes an abnormal growth of cells that leads to lumps, masses and tumours. It triggers cough, chest pang, breath shortness, wheezing, recurrent lung infections, and inexplicable fever.

Furthermore, smoking breeds dental problems, hearing impairment, and sight-impaired problems.

Likewise, smoking causes many personality issues such as a fetid and foul-smelling mouth, rotten and decayed teeth and an emaciated and debilitated body. His social gathering is also composed of a cohort of people who smokes and have similar personality issues.

One very important result of inveterate smoking is that after a prolonged period of time when this habit becomes deeply entrenched and incorrigible, it seems unthinkable for a smoker to dedicate himself to smoking cessation.

To conclude, it can be asserted that cigarette smoking is highly injurious to health and engenders an agglomeration of disastrous medical issues.  There are many factors responsible for capitulating to smoking. Of them, social milieu and environment composed of familial relations, friends and societal ethos are the ones which have preponderance over other contributing factors. In any manifestation – through secondhand smoking or self-smoking – both are lethal and contribute to an increment in the risk factor for terminal morbidities such as carcinogenic diseases, diabetes, unpalatable lung conditions and more. Parents, elder familial members, schools including teachers, friends – who do not smoke, and public awareness are some potent and effective instruments in our toolkit to dissuade a person from smoking. Of them, parents and schools must appreciate the greatest responsibility towards children, particularly in the formative and developmental period of life. Parents and schools can deter a person from falling victim to cigarette smoking in the inchoative and impressionable phase of life. It will be highly profitable to disincline a person at a very early age, otherwise smoking cessation becomes onerous and implausible.



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