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Is a human relationship with a pet useful?

Pets are a blessing from heaven; they play with us; spend time with us; eat with us; more than anything, befriend us.


Having a pet is useful in terms of economy (as it has emerged as a lucrative business) and a society (having a pet salvages time from being squandered on the futile endeavours – chit-chats and otiose hobbies). Having a pet renders a sense of sensitivity because when a person looks after a pet, it helps to understand their problem and thus makes a person more sensitive towards other creatures. The process of the maintenance of a pet is an arduous undertaking as it requires affection, attention, money and care, which helps to understand the responsibilities of a person. Having a cordial bond with companion animals is advantageous in many other ways, for example, spending a chunk of time with animals is more constructive than frittering time away by indulging oneself in futile undertakings, i.e., vacuous conversations and unproductive hobbies. Having an affinity with animals is also helpful from the view of an avocation that leaves a therapeutic impression on a person. Playing and frolicking with animals is soothing and reliving.
Moreover, animals love you unconditionally. Moreover, animals love you unconditionally, which gives birth to such kind of affection in human beings who establish bonds in alignment with their interests. Animals’ unconditional love teaches a lesson of loving others unconditionally. Animals’ unconditional love teaches a lesson of loving others unconditionally, which has a tremendous impact on society as such bonds foster humanitarianism and obliterate a milieu of egocentrism.
With the relentless going of time, life has evolved itself to enormous fashion, for example, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the concept of consumerism took place, which gave rise to spending on such way of living which has been a source of status or symbolism. Notably in developed countries, having a pet has supplanted other causes, which are inherent to it, i.e., a friendly, bond, hobby and profitable business. And now having a pet is just a symbolical identity, or to acquire more and more likes on social media by posting pictures with pets. While consumerism has accelerated this phenomenon, it is still gainful for commercial adventures. While consumerism has accelerated this phenomenon, it is still gainful for commercial adventures, and thus helps humans in garnering livelihoods. Furthermore, human relationship with animals is also useful for novel species of business such as websites offering pet services that are generating revenues. A healthy affinity for animals has become a highly profitable source of revenue. As a result of gathering more and more revenues, it fosters bio-diversity as profiteers are economically forced to look after and maintain a wholesome and conducive ambience that works as a fecund breeding ground for bio-heterogeneity.

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