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Is watching movies beneficial?

Know the outstanding benefits of watching movies.


Movies are a depiction of thoughts, cultural values, religion, and Ideological perceptions, and are interspersed with songs, dance and an assortment of other species of entertainment.

Movies take one’s listening capability, seeing capacity and the presence of mind and thus leave indelible trappings on the outlook of a person. I have watched numerous movies featuring different and assorted themes. Movies have taught me the countless spectacle of the world, which were, at first, unprecedented to me. Movies have taught me and ingrained into my mind that the historical struggle, strived against an unfavourable imperialist power, has maintained its singularity.

Movies have taught me about an ever-refreshing and monumental scrabble of a community, which was prodigious by its size in the context of economy, refined civilization and history, for an independent and autonomous nation-state where all the denizens of it would be able to order their lives as per their priorities and aspirations. A well-acclaimed movie named Gaddar carefully calibrates a throwback manifestation of the concerted attempt put by the victims of the unbridled discrimination which exaction was carried out by the so-called mercantile power – Britain. I have learned, having watched numerous movies, that the struggle to acquire a Unique Identity was an uphill excursion.

While it was an arduous endeavour, which reached its fruition victoriously, the victory did not defy an assortment of the concomitant and subsequent challenges. A movie named Operation-30 precisely draws a self-evident embodiment of the almost invincible crippling challenges that afflicted Pakistan as a budding nation-state. Several movies throw shine on the genesis of the existing challenges and their backwash ramifications. An Indian movie named The State Within a State conspicuously elucidates how an uninviting metamorphosis in the political, ideological and historical framework was engineered by the schemers – how has the democratic dispensation been running the gamut from a republic (democratic) system to a pathology (deviation) of praetorianism?

Movies have taught me about the aberrant trajectory of the suffering political apparatus. movies have taught me how did country’s political and military demagogues deviate from its democratic course. The system that was achieved having put exceptional sacrifices. Movies have taught me how the contrived exaction of sufferings on the inhabitants of Pakistan disrupted their economy, ideology (some are giving voice to a kind of secular state) and political milieu.

Movies have taught me about the sham of democratic culture in Pakistan’s political theatre. Several Indian movies sketch the undesirable spectacle of the wilfully devised mutation in the political spectrum – the political dawn of Zulfikar Bhutto was the embryonic inception of a species of a government where the political system was monopolized. The comings and goings of the Nawaz Government is also a writ large that manifests a deeply rooted and greatly entrenched establishment. Movies have taught me how my beloved homeland has been a subject of the grossly unfair exaction of untenable unfairness and aberration from its cherishing route. Having watched several movies on Pakistan or the great partition, I may draw a tenable assertion that the courage, sacrifices and unrivalled bravery of our ancestors contemporary to the time of the great partition made are laudable, but it does not defy the existing fact that we need much more valour to reverse the pathology (deviation) on which our cherished country made to walk. Our country has undergone plenty of devastating maladies.
I have learnt that there are assorted cultures in Pakistan who voiced and fought collectively to have a separate Nation where they would be able to order their lives as per their religious, political and ideological aspirations. Movies have taught me Pakistan that is dotted with variegated thoughts, religions, cultures and singular histories.
I came across a movie featuring the disturbing bifurcation and divides between the people of Pakistan emanating from the differing denomination.
The movies float a pitiful picture of this phenomenon which must have little desirability. Several Other movies characterise this piteous spectacle as a nefarious nexus between powerful forces, who shot the bullet from the backdoor – the establishment. The connection was forged with the connivance of the military elites, the powerful media houses, the political figures, with a redoubtable heft, and some opportunists who are always ready to earn bucks at the cost of the very existence of Pakistan.
It can be concluded that movies provide many elements that are beneficial in many ways. Movies, which are filmed to educate their audience, play a profound role. A student should watch movies selectively. The signalling out of movies also plays a vital role as it saves time frittering away. So, one should be provident in the appropriateness of the movies so that they may have an edifying impact on the subject. Movies must be crafted given the facts that it brings about their objectives and work for society.

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