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A broke student’s guide to school fashion.

An insovent student can look fashionable, stylish and chic, just follow the following tips and you will be in a new world of fashion and style.

Being a student is one of those times in life where you are relatively unstressed and have a great deal of pleasure, socializing and meeting new people almost every day requires to look fashionable and chic. In addition to getting good grades, many students want to be stylish, trendy and fashionable every day because it boosts their confidence tremendously.


Being a student involves participating or partaking in a number of extracurricular activities that often require you to dress nicely and fashionably to embody your class, club or college. Then there are social events and parties almost every week that many students admire attending.





However, the most common problem of financial breakdown is confronted by students who often struggle with their mundane expenses. So how do they find a way to be fashionable and elegant? It’s possible and attainable – all you have to do is think, shop and dress smart.






  1. Get good quality easy stand-alone pieces. A classic, good quality piece of clothing not only looks great but also lasts a long time, making it a great investment. It is wise to invest heavily in high-quality denim, rather than a cheap pair of jeans, which are short-lived and last one season.
  2. Just like great denim, a simple cut leather jacket, a classic well-dressed dress or two, and some good quality basic tees are not only stylish but also long-lasting. They can all be combined to form many different and variegated shapes.
  3. Visit the thrift store. Thrift stores are not only the best friend of an insolvent person, but they are also the second home of many fashionistas and fashion bloggers. Thrift stores are treasures that contain many unexpected gems that can give anyone a serious fashion change without spending too much. Not only are these great places to explore all your outfits like jewellery, scarves, or fun and functional tote bags, but they also complement the unique quirky style and select fashion.
  4. Sharing and exchanging. This is a great time to share clothes with college friends and basically double or triple your clothing limit. It not only builds bonds of friendship and cooperation but also keeps you up-to-date throughout the year! Being in college makes it a lot easier to organize a change of party, so call all your friends and their friends and make it a semester thing.
  5. Selling. You can sell old clothes at consignment shops and use money or store credit to update your wardrobe. Online sales are a viable option for broken students, as it requires nothing more than registering with a website or installing an app on your phone. Here it will help if you have high-quality pieces that you are tired of, but are still in good condition. This could be a fancy dress that all your friends have seen or a classic bag that you can change to a new style. Whatever it is, the online world will take it!
  6. Use student discounts. Student Discounts are a great way to buy the fashion items you need to keep your wardrobe on point. Big and small brands like Asos, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Steve Madden and even Top Shop all offer discounts to students that can help you stay cool and chic on a budget.

The Bottom Line

In addition to using these tips, students can also subscribe to all the annoying emails that fashion stores want to send them – these emails contain all the discount offers and promo codes you need. As long as you shop for a purpose and not for a temporary height, your money is not wasted. Don’t spend too much and forget, save instead, splurge and use again.


These tips can be applied to any college student at any time as they will help you to avoid your fashion mistakes and keep them within budget while running out of cash.


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