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How To Care For Betta Fish in Aquarium?

Ultimate Guide

We understand that caring for betta fish isn’t a handy task, especially when you are a beginner. You need a good guide on how you can ensure her healthy, longer, and disease-free life. And yes, that’s our verdict to write up this article.

We have done complete research on bettas nature and compiled basic guide steps for you. All you need to do is, pay thorough attention to keep your betta fish healthy.

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Care Guide For Betta Fish

Optimum Feeding 

Feeding depends on the fish size, but in the case of betta fish, you need to care for some other factors. As bettas are wild, they will eat food whenever they find it. This may lead to

overeating and disease-related – bloating, digestive distress, and obesity.

Now, what should you do?

Feed your betta fish once a day which is enough for them. Their stomach is no bigger than one of their eyeballs. But that’s not necessarily like you can even feed twice a day, but the quantity should be decreased then.

According to fishkeeping experts, 2 or 3 betta fish pellets are enough for a single betta fish. As bettas are omnivorous, their favourite food includes shrimps, insects, larvae, and bloodworms. And yes, this food is also helpful for them to enhance skin colour.

Pay attention – According to some people, white betta fish cannot get colours. But it’s wrong; if you promote a healthy omnivorous diet, it will get pinkish colour on the skin within a week.

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Water Changes

How much time you should perform water changes depends on how many betta fishes you have inside the aquarium and their size. However, if you have a single betta fish, changing water even after a month is not a big deal. Or, if you have more than one betta fish, you need to change the water every two to three weeks.

But we have a pro tip for you here. By following, you can maintain complete water balance and the environment. The tip is that you have to change 20 – 25% of water every after 5 – 6 days.


It will filtrate your aquarium water, reduce nitrate levels, and protect your betta’s psychological condition because sudden and complete water change can impact her nature and feeding cycle.


Temperature and pH


Now, talking about the betta fish water temp, it should be between 75 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to take care of this factor because changes, lower or higher, have critical effects on your fish.


Higher temperature leads to odd behaviours while lower causes disturbances in metabolic functions. To monitor how the temperature is going inside the aquarium, you can use aquarium thermometers.

If you find it lower, you can use heaters. But in case you find it higher, you should place the aquarium in a cold place where the environment is moderate.

 The Bottom Line

That was all about how you should care for your betta fish to promote a healthy lifespan.

Now, we’d like to hear from you about how’s your experience going with your betta fish. Leave your opinions quickly in the comment box below.


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