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Business travel is an all-encompassing industry these days, for both road warriors and rookie business travellers. Many are on their own since they do not have travel coverage to fall back on. That’s good since it offers more options to customise your trips—but it may also be intimidating.

Consider this your all-inclusive guide to making business travel as smooth and stress-free as possible, from what apps and podcasts to download and shoes to wear, to what to do during downtime at the airport, to how to make your hotel room seem more like home, and much more.

Do These Three Things Before You Leave

  1. Establish Objectives

Everything from unpacking baggage to reading an industry-specific article may make you feel productive on a vacation, so it’s a smart habit to write these goals down and tick them off as you fulfil them.


  1. Create a Preference Map

Plan a business trip around your preferences to create a comfortable working environment on the road. There is freedom at practically every stop of business travel, from hotel amenities to rental vehicle selection to flight dates.


  1. Make A Packing List

Packing properly entails more than just putting everything into a carry-on or having the appropriate-sized toiletries. It’s all about making the most of your space to make the most of your work trip.


Is there no business travel policy? Not a problem.

  1. Stick to a single itinerary.

Being productive on the road begins with planning. Keep the information of your journey in one place, either manually or with the help of an app. In this manner, if you want to know the hotel’s check-out time for your departure flight, you may do so with one tap rather than two or three.


  1. Construct Points That Work For You

Unrestrained business travellers should investigate the finest reward programmes for them. You will discover that you may utilise your business travel to support your leisure trips. Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb now have business options in addition to credit cards and hotels.

Podcasts to Help You Prepare for Your Next Business Trip

Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale

Rich Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, levels himself with his audience by presenting his thoughts and inviting professionals to debate (and frequently question) them. You’ll go away with business guidance and the knowledge that there’s always more to learn.

NPR’s Planet Money

What is the state of the economy? What impact does it have on your business? Keep up with these quick-hit episodes that cover current developments or give retrospectives on some of the world’s most momentous economic events.

Entrepreneurship Podcast

The EntreLeadership Podcast is both educational and motivating, and it will leave you thinking—in a good way. Take in the information and apply it to your daily life. There’s more to this place than simply business.

Daily TED Talks

These are designed specifically for business travellers. Have a brief layover? Do you want to study in your pack? Do you need music to accompany your morning hotel routine? Play a TED Talks Daily episode and learn on the move.

Things You Should Know

The word “should” can be deceptive. Should you understand how an Ouija board works? Most likely not, but you’re wondering now, and you can find out on a creepy episode of our podcast. It’s the podcast designed to combat awkward silences.

Alie Ward’s Ologies

The name is self-explanatory. Alie Ward approaches all ologies, studies of everything you can think of, comically. Learn about vexillology (flags), saurology (lizards), and acarology (ticks) and pass the knowledge on to anybody who will listen.

Bruin Nike SB Zoom

The Nike SB Zoom Bruin blends the comfort and cool of skate sneakers with a more elegant appearance. They’ll look great with board shorts or jeans and a jacket. The smaller swoosh alludes to the balance established by the footwear giant with its skateboarding collection: unmistakably Nike but a little more subdued.

The Point of Rothy

A sneaker with 23 different hues is always green. This is because one of the company’s flagship models is made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. You’ll appreciate this 21st-century concept: a stylish sneaker that benefits the environment.

The Dr Scholl’s

In an odd twist, few people equate a corporation founded on comfort with a large assortment of shoes. However, here we are. Dr Scholl provides several casually formal products, with the Freestep Laceup Sneaker (for men and women) standing out.

Airport Suggestions for Business Travelers

  1. Timing Is Everything

Use just carry-on baggage. Enrol in TSA Pre-Check. Check-in online instead of at the airport. And, if you don’t have TSA Pre-Check, be aware of which security lines are often the longest, particularly at airports where you may wander between terminals once passed.

  1. Track Your Steps

Keeping active in the airport is simple for any traveller: take the stairs instead of the escalator; avoid any moving walkways; and, if time allows, walk the length of the terminal or visit other sections of the airport.

  1. Pique Your Interest

Don’t worry if time restrictions prevent you from exploring a city’s food and drink culture. Airports are increasingly introducing local favourites—chains and dives alike—to their terminals, allowing passengers to eat on the move.

  1. Request That Taxi

While Uber and Lyft have business goals, they aren’t necessarily the most dependable means to save time. Taxis are frequently the most efficient mode of transportation from airports.

Make Your Hotel Feel Like a Second Home

  1. Utilize the dressers and closets

You’ll feel organised right away, which will set the tone for the remainder of your vacation. Furthermore, taking your clothing out of your suitcase early may help keep them from wrinkling and save you time ironing.

  1. Make Your Coffee

Nothing beats the fragrance of your favourite coffee brewing first thing in the morning. The routine will set the tone for your day and make you feel successful. As an added advantage, if you venture out to try local beers, you’ll have something to compare new flavours to.

  1. That’s Your Workstation Now

Getting your clothing organised is a key step toward having your hotel seem like home. Another thing to consider is organising your work supplies. By plugging your laptop into the desk, you’ll have a ready-made workstation to turn to if you go to your room with things still unfinished.

  1. Noise Cancellation, Literally

Sleeping by the side of the road in a busy town isn’t easy. While Bose has wireless sleepbuds that play relaxing sounds, you may get a similar effect by listening to sleep-aid stations on Spotify or Pandora. Learn how to use your phone’s sleep timer: Set a timer in the clock app and adjust “When Timer Ends” to “Stop Playing.”

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