With the new background removal function for images in iOS 16, people are getting creative.


We said it a few months ago, and we’ll say it again: the new backdrop removal and picture cutout function is the most entertaining thing to come out of iOS 16. Yes, Lock Screen widgets and customizations are handy, but you’re unlikely to utilize them on a daily basis.


For those who are unaware, iOS 16 allows you to “select” any object from a shot and save it as a separate transparent image – similar to a background removal tool. The capability is included in the system in a variety of settings, thanks to Apple’s CoreML technology.

Users are putting the functionality to use in a variety of ways now that it is broadly available.


One of the most intriguing use cases is that of an iOS 16 user who uses the Notes app to keep track of his daily clothes. The user (@macaulay flower on TikTok) utilized the backdrop removal option to take a clip of himself whenever he changed garments and added it to a note to catalog his many appearances, as shown in a video.

Inspired by this use case, ex-Apple employee Matthew Cassinelli created a Siri Shortcut, which he posted on Twitter.


After you install this shortcut on your iPhone, the Share Sheet will have a “Outfit of the Day” option. The cutout will then be saved to an eponymous note if you go to any photograph containing an outfit and click this button from the Share Sheet.

This isn’t the only way people are interacting with the new function.


People are discovering new applications for the backdrop removal tool, such as food photography, pet collages, and meme creation:

One of our favorite use for this functionality is to automatically categorize photographs into different categories, such as food, shopping, pets, or memes.


To that aim, we created our own handy shortcut that removes the background from an image and saves it in the “Background removed” folder. To activate it, utilize the Share Sheet’s “Remove Image Background” option. Because it’s quite basic, you’ll need to manually create the folder before using the shortcut. You may just duplicate the to create other categories.

The background removal tool is excellent, but it only detects things in the photo’s focal region – even if there are numerous of them. In future versions of the Photos app, we want to see more complex object separation and editing options for collage-making.



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