How to prepare chicken?

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The majority of poultry sold and consumed in the UK is chicken, which also makes up half of all meat sold there. Every day, 2.2 million chickens are consumed in Britain due to the bird’s adaptability, delicate flavor, and affordability. What could top a gorgeous roast chicken prepared simply with simple butter, lemon, and thyme? Chicken is a vital ingredient in many legendary meals, from Kievs to kormas. Not a lot.

Observations to make when purchasing chicken

If you can, pick chicken that has been kept outside in a free-range, organic environment. These chickens have lived far healthier lives than chickens who have been raised inside. Even putting away other ethical problems, free-range beef is more expensive, but it is well worth the extra expense for the flavor, texture, and quality of the meat. Instead of purchasing pre-packaged pieces, purchase a whole chicken and joint it yourself to save money. You may freeze the leftovers and you will have a carcass that will create the greatest chicken stock ever.

Look for good opaque skin that is free of bruises when choosing chicken. The color of the skin frequently reveals the type of food the birds have been given, with corn-fed birds having flesh that has a yellow tint. When purchasing chicken that has been de-skinned, the meat should be plump and have a lovely pink hue.


Always thaw completely before cooking and keep chicken in a sealed container in the freezer or refrigerator (for up to 6 months).

Preparing Chicken

The majority of the parts of a chicken may be utilized, and all that is required is a fundamental understanding of butchery. Always season the chicken before cooking it. You may use salt and pepper to keep it simple, or you can massage in butter or oil that has been flavored with garlic, herbs, or spices. Use a meat thermometer; it’s not necessary, but it will result in a more reliable reading. Chicken must be cooked all the way through before eating. Don’t forget to bring the meat to room temperature before cooking and let it rest for at least 10-15 minutes after cooking. By doing this, the meat is given the chance to relax, making the chicken softer and juicier.

Slow chicken cooking techniques

The best approach to maximize the flavor of chicken is by slow cooking. The most often slow-cooked portions are the legs, thighs, and entire bird; common techniques include roasting, braising, poaching, and confiting. Poaching chicken gives you very succulent flesh and gives you the ability to flavor it by cooking it in any flavored liquid of your choice.


Quick chicken cooking techniques

The finest pieces of chicken to cook fast are the breasts and livers, which may be pan-fried or baked. Avoid overcooking chicken since it will become unpleasant dry and nearly powdery in texture.


One-portion pieces of chicken breasts are conveniently proportioned. Cut a pocket into the chicken breast’s meat, load it with herbs and butter, then wrap it with bacon before baking it for additional flavor before pan-frying or roasting.


The velvety pâté and parfaits made with chicken livers are popular, but they are also delicious when rapidly fried in a little butter and spread over toast with salt and pepper.

What complements chicken?

Perhaps because it is one of the more adaptable meats available, chicken is so widely consumed. The bird is often served roasted with a variety of veggies and roast potatoes. While Geoffrey Smeddle’s roast chicken asks for a cider sauce, Chris Horridge’s version is a little more inventive, offering roast chicken with pine nuts and potato purée.

It may be because bolder, more pungent flavors generally complement chicken’s light flavor that chicken tikka has become a common meal. This combination is used by Simon Hulstone to produce a magnificent curried chicken Kiev.


Both Tom Aikens’ traditional Coronation chicken salad and Nigel Mendham’s chargrilled chicken and avocado salad are excellent examples of how well chicken works in salads. As was previously noted, chicken curry is a favorite across the country. For something less spicily delicious, try a delicious chicken and mushroom pie.

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