PBR Supported Vanilla Normal Renewed Texture Pack (1.18)


A PBR texture pack based on the original Minecraft textures is called Vanilla Normal Renewed Texture Pack (1.18). Using it with one of the PBR-supporting shaders can give certain materials a more realistic appearance. Glass and metal reflect light beautifully. Bricks and stones receive amazing relief.



Features: Relief information in textures aids in calculating the proper interplay of light. Information about smoothness makes various materials, such stone, metal, or glass, seem much more realistic.


Now that smooth surfaces contain the necessary information, reflections may be computed.



Install a shader that can handle normal and specular mapping. If you’re unsure which one to choose, try (OSBES Shader or YSSBE Shader)

Download the Texture Pack for Vanilla Normal Renewed.

Use Minecraft to launch the downloaded.mcpack file.

Activate a shader that supports PBR first.

Activate a VNRBE second.

access the main menu, then await import

Launch Minecraft again!


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