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Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Chapter 1: The man who “in his mind” wished to work with Thomas A Edison.
Napoleon Hill depicts the tale of Edwin C. Barnes, a guy who longed to meet and collaborate with Thomas A Edison.

Barnes, on the other hand, didn’t know Thomas Edison and couldn’t afford the journey to Edison’s office. Most people would have given up, but not Barnes, who was desperate to work with Edison. So he boarded a freight train and got an interview.

Barnes was an average young man, but Edison saw in him a tremendous desire to work with him, so he employed him as a basic employee.

Chapter 2: The desire is the first step toward prosperity.
Any personal accomplishment begins with a strong desire.

Barnes could have been mistaken for a hobo when he stepped off the freight train to see Thomas Edison, but his ideas were those of a monarch. Throughout the trip, he imagined himself as Edison’s colleague.

This yearning was a blazing passion, not a hope or a dream!

Barnes was just another gear in Edison’s wheel for everyone. But, in his eyes, he was Edison’s partner from the day he joined the firm.


Chapter 3: Faith as the Second Step to Wealth
Faith is a state of mind achieved by confirming or repeating instructions to the subconscious, which plays a significant part in the creation of desire through the concept of auto-suggestion.

To provide you an example, why are you reading this chronicle? Because you want to know how to convert your desire into its monetary equivalent.

The only way to properly create faith is to repeat to one’s subconscious the following unambiguous orders: “I want 1 million euros, I want 1 million euros, I want…”

When faith is activated, all ideas, favourable or bad, impact the subconscious.


Chapter 4: The final stage to financial success: auto-suggestion, a strategy for influencing the subconscious mind.
Auto-suggestion is a type of suggestion directed towards oneself.

The subconscious is like to a garden. Weeds will grow if left neglected. In contrast, by cultivating your garden with positive ideas, all negative thoughts will go and you will succeed in whatever you attempt.

Think emotionally to act on your subconscious.
We learned in the desired chapter to repeat our objectives aloud twice a day. Unfortunately, simply reading aloud is insufficient. You must read while also feeling your aspirations. Only emotional thoughts may encourage your subconscious to behave.


Chapter 5: The fourth path to financial success: specialisation, personal experiences or insights
Culture is classified into two types: general and specialised. In the pursuit of money, general culture is of little benefit. Long periods of study do not help you become wealthy, and most academics are impoverished.

The major issue in every educational system is schools’ incapacity to teach pupils about organisation and knowledge usage.


Chapter 6: The Fifth Step to Wealth: Imagination, the Workshop of the Mind
All human plans are created in the workshop of imagination. The creative abilities of the mind form, sculpt, and feed desire.

Man mastered the sky, calculated the distance from the sun, and travelled faster than sound using his imagination…

Napoleon Hill distinguishes two sorts of imagination:

Synthetic Imagination: It does not generate anything; instead, it reheats previous notions, ideas, and plans. This type of imagination is built on observation, teaching, and experience.
The mind knows no bounds when it comes to creative imagination. It generates new concepts. It operates because of our subconscious’s strong desire.


Chapter 7: The sixth stage to wealth: the development of plans, the concretization of desire in action
Everything one makes or receives starts with a desire. Desire begins its journey from the abstract to the tangible in the imagination workshop, where plans are made and organized.

A critical element is the establishment of specified and feasible plans to achieve this transition.

Here’s how to make plans:

Bring together everyone who will be required for your strategy to succeed.
Determine what advantages and benefits you can provide to the various members of your organization in exchange for their participation.
Meetings with your group members should be scheduled at least twice a week until your plan is completed.
Finally, be completely in sync with every person of your team.


Chapter 8: The Seventh Step to Wealth: Making a Decision
Napoleon Hill researched thousands of chess games and determined that hesitation is a major cause of defeat. Most wealthy individuals have the capacity to make rapid judgments and stick to them.

Make your own choices and stick to them.

Most people who fail in their attempts to make a lot of money are easily influenced.


Although it is not their aim, close friends and parents frequently dampen our dreams by providing reservations or expressing a negative judgement. Thousands of men and women suffer with inferiority complexes because someone shattered their confidence with views and derision.


You have a soul and an intellect, so put them to good use.

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