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Helium 10 Review: Full Buying Guide

Hello, Amazon FBA user!

Helium 10 was recently used to research, scale, and sell another of our Amazon FBA brands for $150,000+. This isn’t the first time we’ve done something like this, but we couldn’t have done it without H10.

So, in this Helium 10 review and tutorial, we’ll dive deep into how we use this tool to:

  • Find product ideas with a high upside and low competition.
    Identify low-hanging fruit and scale more quickly than competitors.
    Optimize listings to appear on Page 1 and remain there (We have an awesome hack that works like a charm)
    Manage refunds
    a lot more


This suite of tools is used by every serious seller we know with $1 million or more in revenue. You’ll need it if you want to get to that level. To be fair, it is not for everyone.

We’re excited to share how this tool simplified every aspect of growing and selling our brand, from research to retirement (kidding… semi-retirement).

If you want to sell on Amazon FBA but aren’t sure where to start, read our review of Amazing Selling Machine, the best Amazon FBA course on the market.

P.S. Helium 10 has just released the Starter package, a “try-before-you-buy” pricing plan that gives you access to all of their core tools for 60% or less than before. This removes one of the most significant barriers to entry for new entrepreneurs. You no longer need to spend $100 or more to get a good Amazon tool. In the pricing section, I’ve provided a detailed breakdown. If you were on the fence before, I believe this will help you make a decision.

Not only that, but…

P.P.S. Helium 10 has been gracious enough to offer DreamGrow readers a discount – you can choose between a six-month discount of 20% or a lifetime discount of 10%. To view the coupon codes, click on any of the links in this post.

This is a massive post with over 5,000 words of analysis, how-to, tips, and more, but here’s a quick summary for those who just want to get back to building an empire.


Quick Answer: Is Helium 10 the Best Amazon Tool?
Most Amazon FBA gurus have made this claim, and you’ll see it repeated in every seller community out there. Is this a true statement?

100% yes.

Every Amazon tool available falls into one of two categories:

Helium 10
The remainder
Because this is supposed to be an unbiased review, allow me to explain it logically and without the sales pitch.

Almost every other tool out there excels at a single task. Keyword research (Jungle Scout), product launches (Viral Launch), sales generation (Amazon Tracker), and so on.

Helium 10 is the only tool that can do it all at an above-average level.


A single subscription covers your (**DEEP BREATH**):

  • Keyword research
  • Trend research
  • Listings optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • SEO
  • Amazon PPC management
  • Inventory management
  • Product validation (worth the subscription alone in my opinion)
  • Fraud protection
  • Refunds
  • Landing pages
  • Sales analytics
  • Email automation
  • Listings hijacking protection


I’m not aware of any Amazon business issues that Helium 10 does not address.

All of this is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. You don’t like it? Okay, cancel and receive your money back.

That, however, will not happen.

The only disadvantage is that it may be TOO MUCH. Helium 10 may be overkill if you’re just starting out.

The good news is that they have a Free plan and a Starter plan to get your feet wet if you want to keep costs low and the learning curve as short as possible. In addition, our readers receive substantial discounts.

Let me try to put it another way…

Helium 10 is the only true end-to-end Amazon management and growth tool.


In theory, Helium 10 allows you to find trending products, validate that idea so you don’t waste time and money, get supplies, build optimised listings, spy on the competition, reverse engineer and improve on what they’re doing, and build targeted landing pages for your products.


Then it safeguards your inventory, manages your sales, analyses your business, and most likely copies your entire genome and stores it on a hard drive in Bezos’ basement in case you need to clone yourself (this is pure speculation).

I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. Helium 10 truly accomplishes all of this. I’ll go over all of the key features in detail below so you can see them for yourself.


Pros and Cons of Helium 10
A platform that does everything (saves money and 0 switching between ecosystems)
The most effective product validation, reverse ASIN and listing optimization tools available.
For new entrepreneurs, there are free and starter plans available.
Exclusive tools not found anywhere else (Frankenstein, Cerebro, Magneto, Scribbles)
SEO and marketing tools are built in.
Simple landing page creator
Amazon training that is hands-on


Responsive customer service
There is no supplier database.
Expensive(ish) for complete access
The learning curve is steep.

What is Helium 10, and why is it used by every serious seller?


Helium 10 is the only Amazon FBA tool suite that includes SEO, product research, refunds, fraud protection, and inventory management.

Your monthly subscription includes 13 tools, which include:

Choosing a Niche
Product trend analysis
Spying on competitors
Keyword investigation
Optimization of listings
Management of refunds
Inventory security (We learned this the hard way – DISASTER)
Amazon index tracking
Fraud avoidance


If we had to summarise, Helium 10 is the ultimate FBA tool for product selection, scaling your operation, and managing your store from the ground up.
So, why is it used by every seller?
Helium 10 is used by serious FBA’ers because it does nearly all of the legwork and eliminates all of the guesswork involved in selecting and growing an Amazon business.
The dashboard provides you with instant access to all of the data you need to grow your business to six figures and beyond.


Did you know that helium makes up 25% of the known universe and is responsible for the brightness of stars? Consider your Amazon brand to be a star: if you want to shine (and explode), you need Helium (10)….certainly not a stretch.


Helium 10 Removes the Most Difficult Amazon FBA Challenges
There has never been a better time to get started with Amazon FBA. Amazon is literally destroying the world.

However, there will be significant challenges to private labelling in 2022. So, first, we’ll go over what they are and how Helium 10 eliminates them.

Finding Winning Amazon FBA Products
Finding profitable, low-competition products is becoming increasingly difficult. These are referred to as “winners” in the FBA community.

Consider a previously successful but now saturated product: gaming chairs.



It’s HARD to compete with 1,000 other sellers. Do you believe that “deer rear with a bottle opener” or a work surface that attaches to your steering wheel so you can work while driving (this is a real product) happened by chance?

Amazon now has over 2 million sellers. You need a unique angle, a new variation, or added value to a product that no one else has if you want to stand out.

Boots-on-the-ground research is the only way to accomplish this. We’re talking about hand-searching niches, demand, keywords, and competitors.



Using Helium 10’s keyword and niche tools to automatically analyse demand, spy on competitors, and identify low-competition keyword opportunities. That saves you weeks of time and probably a lot of work.

Because Amazon no longer allows incentivized reviews, the number one strategy for launching a new product is now obsolete.

To successfully launch a product, you must be creative, and new sellers ALWAYS fail at this (Us too).

If you don’t know how many products to give away, you might not rank or make any sales. Worse, your entire inventory could be cleaned out, leaving you with your pants down.


Helium 10 removes nearly all of the risk and guesswork from launching a new product with Cerebro and Magnet (more on these two below) by displaying how many products to give away and which keywords to target in order to attract the most customers.



Getting to Page 1 on Amazon

The most difficult aspect of building our brand on Amazon was SEO. We were getting CRUSHED on the first page by bigger names at first.

Remember the previous gaming chairs? The product with 1,000 outcomes? That is insignificant. Consider laptop bags.


Or, heaven forbid, women’s shoes.

If you want to have ANY CHANCE of succeeding, your SEO game must be on point. The right keywords, the ideal title, and the proper placement must all be present.

Helium 10’s SEO tools are stellar. It immediately displays the best keywords, everything semantically related to your seed keyword, thousands of profitable and actionable keywords, and how to write your titles, bullet points, and descriptions.

You can’t compete with that. The SEO tools alone are worth the price.

In terms of cost…


Helium 10 Pricing (Major Update!)


Helium 10 now has six pricing plans, each with a different price depending on whether you pay monthly or annually:

A la carte (pay only for what you use): $17 – $97/mo
Starter: $37 per month
$97 for Platinum
Elite: $397 Diamond: $197


Again, it’s worth noting that our readers receive a substantial discount coupon, making this an even better deal – click here to access the coupons.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starter Plan (Get Your Feet Wet With the REAL Helium 10)

I was thrilled to learn that Helium 10 had bridged the gap between their Free and Platinum plans by providing an affordable way to test the REAL Helium 10.

Previously, you had to jump in head first and pay $100 per month. That, or settle for a fairly limited free version of Helium 10.

The new Starter plan is best suited for:

New entrepreneurs receive their first Amazon tool.
Customers of less expensive tools, such as Jungle Scout, who want to see if Helium 10 is worth the extra money.
Amazon sellers on a shoestring budget
Access is still limited, and you won’t be able to build an uber-dominant Amazon machine on Starter, but it’ll get you started…


$37 a month gets you:

  • Blackbox (20 uses)
  • Trendster
  • Xray Chrome Extension
  • Cerebro (2 uses)
  • Magnet (2 uses)
  • Frankenstein (30 days)
  • Scribbles (30 days)

Why Is Starter a Significant Improvement Over the Free Plan?

According to my observations, Starter has three significant advantages over Free that add value for new customers:

Freedom Ticket Training: Get hands-on Amazon selling training from real experts who have been there and done that. You’ve just opened your first store. You now have access to the world’s most powerful Amazon selling tool as well as hands-on training. Not too shabby.
Profits (Financial Analytics): Complete control over profit analysis, including sales, margins, and business trends.
Xray Unlimited: Unrestricted access to the best Chrome Extension available. Simple as that.
Personally, I believe that going big or going broke is preferable, so I recommend Diamond, Platinum, or Elite. If you’re on a tight budget, however, there’s nothing wrong with starting small.


We have experience with three of these plans (we upgraded as we scaled), so we’ll start there. We will not provide coverage with a la carte.

This is how you get your feet wet for free. It includes MOST of the tools with minimal usage. For example, you can use Magnet twice per day and track up to 20 keywords. You also get 20 Blackbox uses. However, the new Starter plan makes this a waste of time.

Platinum: Ideal for entry-level users with few selling requirements. This is where the majority of new FBA’ers begin. You will have unlimited access to Blackbox, Magnet, and Trendster, as well as 5,000 emails per month and alerts on 300 ASINS.


If you’re new to Amazon, we recommend starting small and working your way up. If you’re already making a good living, Diamond is ideal for assisting you in scaling.

So, why get the Elite plan if the Diamond is sufficient?
The Elite plan from Helium is the steroid version of the Diamond plan. It has everything Diamond has, but it’s been juiced to the max (1,000 ASINS and 50,000 emails!). But it also includes three incredible benefits that you won’t find anywhere else online:

Monthly instruction
Workshops in person
Facebook group membership
This is only for the most successful FBA sellers. If you’re already crushing it, it’s well worth it. Hold off for a while if you’re on a tight budget.


What Helium 10 Can Do and How to Use It
If you’ve read any of our previous articles, you’ll know how much we adore the word BEAST. Helium 10 is, in every sense of the word, a BEAST. It’s strong, fast, and powerful, and it’s covered in hair with sharp teeth.

Actually, if we had to criticise it, it would be the learning curve. It’s not difficult, but there’s a lot to take in. Even if you have no prior experience, you can fully understand the tool and begin growing your FBA business in a matter of days.


Returning to the tools and how to use them….

We could create a 50,000-word guide on how to use Helium 10 (and then upsell on consultations… not a bad idea).

But we’ll only use the most powerful tools because that’s where the money is.


  • Cerebro
  • Blackbox
  • Magnet
  • Scribbles
  • Frankenstein

Helium Cerebro – Find New Winning Product Opportunities

Cerebro is the one Helium 10 tool we absolutely must have. Cerebro is the brain that drives Helium 10, if Helium 10 is a BEAST.



What exactly is Cerebro?
Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that will tell you everything you need to know about the viability of a product on Amazon. When you paste in a product URL, it instantly returns thousands of keyword suggestions, including all of the keywords for which it ranks.

This allows you to see how your competitors rank for everything and gauge the competition. This is incredible because it eliminates ALL OF THE GUESSWORK. Instead of throwing darts at a wall and hoping your hours of work and thousands of dollars don’t go to waste, you get INSTANT ACCESS TO SOMETHING THAT IS WORKING.

We’ll use our gaming chair example once more to demonstrate Cerebro’s power.



To begin the evil black magic, copy the ASIN from the URL and paste it into Cerebro.

HACK: Past experience has taught us that a product with a large number of reviews, even if it is not at the top of the rankings, should ALWAYS be chosen. This indicates that it has been on Amazon for a longer period of time, which means it will rank for MUCH MORE keywords than a newer product.

Examine everything Cerebro provides you with:

How to Assess Cerebro’s Outcomes
OK, now that you’ve got thousands of keywords and a bunch of jargon like IQ Score and CPR 8-Day Giveaways, you’re probably wondering….


Let’s take it one step at a time. Cerebro gave us the following when we sat in our gaming chair:


Now we’ll go over the most important points in depth so you can make sense of it all.

Cerebro IQ Score



Cerebro IQ Score is a score based on Helium 10’s algorithm that indicates how good a product is as an investment. The greater the value, the better. The score is determined by a comparison of search volume to competing products.

A high score indicates a high volume of searches with little competition (A great product opportunity). A lower score indicates fewer searches and increased competition (Stay away).


NOTE: Branded terms are meaningless to you because you cannot simply sell your own “Devoko” model chair. What we mean is that you must still manually sift through the data. Life is difficult.


For example, in this case, a racing PC chair would be a bad product to pursue. There are few searches and many competing products.


8-Day CPR Giveaways
This feature is fantastic. CPR 8-Day Giveaways is an estimate of the total number of units you would need to give away over an 8-day period in order to rank on page one for this search term.

In other words, it’s the number of units you’d need to sell at a steep discount at launch to propel this baby to the top of the search results. It would be about one per day for our gaming chair (8 total over 8 days = 1/day).

How can I take advantage of this feature?

We calculate the cost of giving away the amount we need to give away (8 in this case).

How much will this set you back?

Assume you’re going to make no money here. We had no idea how many units we needed to give away when we launched our first product. We were still on page 3 after spending thousands of dollars.

Don’t make the same error. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the giveaways feature.

Remember that getting to Page 1 is the most difficult part. However, once you’re there, it’s almost entirely automatic sales and reviews.



Competing Products

Thousands of competitors are not a good thing, according to common sense. However, just because there are a large number of competing products does not imply that you do not have a winning product. As a result, this factor ranks third on our list.

Obviously, the fewer the better, but we see a lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of being afraid of a large number of competing products without considering other factors.

Avoid falling into this trap. If the IQ Score/Giveaways and your gut feeling are both positive, it could be a winner.


Improve Your Search

It’s critical to resist the urge to jump on the first product you come across and get lost down a rabbit hole. You will almost certainly pass up some excellent opportunities. Cerebra is brimming with them.

For example, if you notice a keyword with a high volume in a different niche, search for it and sift through the results. You never know what you’ll come across.


Use Cerebro to Grow Your Keyword List

To get started, you can create a massive KW list in Helium 10. We’re talking about massive. Cerebro can be used to reverse engineer AT LEAST 3-5 competing ASINs and generate a massive keyword list.

If even one relevant keyword is missing from your listings, you risk losing front-page real estate to competitors who have properly optimised their listings.

Take a look at this example. Do you remember our gaming chair?

There are 1,000 results. Not too bad…

But consider what happens when we modify the search by including an additional related KW: “Footrest.”

There are currently 621 results.

But wait, what if we go a step further and include memory foam?

118! If you include ALL of these relevant keywords, ranking your chair will be much easier. If you miss them, you’ll be up against 1,000 other sellers. With just these two words, you can eliminate 90% of the competition for this term.

TL;DR: Run 5 competing ASINs through Cerebro to generate a massive list of keywords. After you’ve compiled your list, it’s time to sort through it.

But first, a word about Magnet.

Magnet is an Amazon keyword research tool with the largest database of ACTIVE Amazon keywords on the market. You enter a “seed” keyword, and Magnet suggests related terms, assisting you in discovering even more organic easy traffic opportunities – most of which your competition is unaware of.

The tool then immediately returns:

All relevant keywords
Keywords in high demand
Keywords that are actionable (think: Buy now)
Products in competition
Best products
Word occurrence
And, unlike most tools, all of this information is obtained directly from Amazon. That means no more useless search traffic clogging up the system.

Not only is it more powerful than most competitors, but it was designed specifically for Amazon. That means you’ll get more and better keywords much faster.

You can even use search filters to remove the fat and leave only the meaty, juicy keywords for your listings.


This appears to be a recipe for increased organic traffic and sales.


Using a Magnet in Cerebrovascular Disease
Remember that lengthy keyword list we had previously?

It’s time to add to it with Magnet.

After you’ve chosen all of the relevant words from the list, click Get Keywords and watch the magic happen.


Have you noticed how many new keyword ideas we now have?

This opens up an entirely new world of keywords and products such as lumbar support, cushion, home fun, adjustable desks (discovered an unknown related term! ), and desk accessories for girls (product idea?).

Look at the power.

However, 10,000+ keywords are a large number, and not all of them are relevant to us. Let’s get to work.

How to Examine FBA Keywords (Our Quick Process)
We did the typical “basic SEO” keyword research/refinement when we first started our FBA business. We basically just highlighted every relevant key term and went with our gut instinct from there.


Don’t DO THAT, is a public service announcement.

Our current system is SO MUCH BETTER, and we’ve seen significant improvements in rankings, traffic, and sales.

Remember that this is possibly the most important aspect of growing your business. That is not hyperbole.

Here’s what you should do.

Make a spreadsheet with your keywords.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Simply select the export option and proceed.


Add a Column and Highlight Relevant Keywords

We usually mark relevant keywords with an “X” and leave the others blank. This establishes a foundation of keywords from which to work.


Now that we know which keywords are relevant and which aren’t, we can sort them by relevance. This elevated our game to a new level.

Sort Your Keywords According to Relevance

Sort your spreadsheet by the “X” column now that every relevant keyword has an “x” next to it. All of your keywords with Xs should now be in a line. Remove everything else.



Let’s move on to the next level.

Mark each VERY RELEVANT keyword with a 1 and LOOSELY RELEVANT keywords with a 2.


Here’s why: when possible, use very relevant keywords in your titles, and support keywords in the bullets and description.

It’s time to clean up this monster you’ve created out of various keywords.

Frankenstein is here.

Create Cash-Generating Keyword Lists with Frankenstein
Like Mary Shelly’s doctor, Helium 10’s Frankenstein assembles a collection of useless, unrelated parts to form a thriving machine bent on world dominance.

Keywords are heavily weighted in Amazon’s search algorithm. That means that ranking on page one is a game of words. The more relevant terms you have, the more likely you are to rank first.

Frankenstein makes this easier by taking your keywords and removing all unnecessary modifiers such as “for” or “with,” leaving only the meat of the keywords.

Simply paste your KW list into Frankenstein, set parameters, and press a button.









The new list now includes all of the words you must include in your listings in order to be fully SEO optimised.

DISCLAIMER: Before you start attacking us, please understand that this list is only for DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES. Obviously, a real product listing will contain more than 77 words. Do you really believe we’d show you our actual keyword lists? Return home


Helium 10 Blackbox – Research Every Niche in the Universe

Helium 10’s niche research tool is Black Box. It enables sellers to drill down to the granular details in order to identify lucrative product opportunities based on strict criteria such as competition, monthly sales, and search volume.



Assume you want to find products with a high search volume, reasonable pricing, and a large number of reviews.

Let’s see what happens.

BOOM! Black Box has just completed the majority of the work for you. Based on the granular details, you now have a list of profitable products. Instead of brainstorming niches and manually searching by volume, price, and reviews, Black Box provides hundreds of product ideas with the click of a few buttons.


Helium 10 Scribbles

Want an Amazon listing that is perfectly optimised without having to manually track which keywords you’ve used and where?

Scribbles is Helium 10’s Amazon listing optimizer that assists sellers in ensuring their listings are properly optimised.



It accomplishes this by keeping track of which words you’ve used and where, as well as removing words from your list as you use them.


What Else Does Helium 10 Contain?

Other tools are still available in Helium 10. The most significant are:

Keyword Rank Tracker: Does precisely what it says: Tracks your keywords so you can see where you stand today and in the past. Monitoring progress is the most effective way to stay motivated and focused on the goal.
Genie of Refunds: Sometimes Amazon makes a mistake, and you are entitled to a refund. It could be a faulty item or an incorrect delivery. This is extremely difficult to track as you scale. Refund Genie accesses your account and notifies you whenever a refund is likely. This saved us several hundred dollars in a single year. It nearly paid for Helium 10.


Inventory Defender: The Cerebro Product Rank giveaway method is the most effective way to rank on page one. However, there is one disaster scenario that could destroy your entire FBA business: inventory gouging. Assume you’re running a 90% off promotion. What’s to stop someone from buying 100 units and completely destroying you? Inventory Shield! This allows you to set a product limit to keep your inventory safe.
Hijacker Alert: When scammers attempt to hijack your listing and sell knockoffs, the brave men and women of Hijacker Alert notify you so you can contact Amazon and avoid any problems. The last thing you want is for someone to purchase a bogus product from a hijacker and leave a negative review.

Professional Hack! Misspellenator Helium 10
We’ve misspelt Amzon instead of Amazon twice, relavent instead of relevant once, and Magneto instead of Magnet AT LEAST ten times in this post (We love X-men).


What do you think? That is very beneficial to Amzon Amazon!

Many consumers make mistakes while looking for common items, such as offce desk instead of office desk, yet Amazon does not always correct them.

The Misspellenator shows you which words Amazon DOES NOT auto-correct. We can’t recommend that you misspell words in your listings, but let’s just say that you might want to work a typo into your listings, that way you show up for “Hershies” when someone doesn’t know how to spell the famous chocolate maker.



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