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Jungle Scout Review 2022

Want to start selling on Amazon but aren’t sure whether to invest in Jungle Scout?

In this Jungle Scout 2022 review, I cover everything you need to know with UP-TO-DATE information. The majority of reviews have not been updated to reflect changes. One even showed the price as being three times higher than it actually was…


Jungle Scout has been a game changer for me and has helped me build successful businesses, but it may also help you. Examine this guide and make your own decision!


It’s a jungle out there, so this review should serve as your MACHETE! (Too much?…)


What exactly is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that allows you to find winning products, estimate sales, research keywords, and spy on competitors from a single, simple dashboard.

Essentially, it shows you right away which products will be the most profitable and easiest to grow your business with.

Greg Mercer founded it in 2014, the year that marked the transition between the Amazon research “Dark Ages” and the modern “Renaissance.”

Why Do You Require Jungle Scout?

People were selling products in the prehistoric era known as pre-JungleScout, believe it or not.

Aside from competing for land and food with giant reptiles, Amazon geeks like me had to manually research everything during these times by digging for products, analysing competitors, and creating libraries of spreadsheets with the limited data we had access to.

Instead of spending hours and hours doing it yourself and relying on intuition (which I still enjoy), Jungle Scout does it for you instantly.

Furthermore, product research is the single most important factor in success, and competition is growing by the day. No matter how brilliant you are, if you choose a bad product, you will fail. Nowadays, the competition is insane.

Last year alone, over 1 million NEW SELLERS joined. That’s a lot of rivalries. If you don’t choose a unique, profitable, and in-demand product, you have NO CHANCE.


A Summary of Jungle Scout’s Features

If running a successful Amazon FBA store were a sport, it would be a 400-meter sprint followed by a full marathon.

Profitability is a long-term game that requires extreme patience. However, in the short term, speed and power triumph. That’s the whole point of Jungle Scout: to save time in the short term while preparing you for long-term success.

…at least, that’s what the company says.

I don’t want to make a big claim here, but there’s a reason Jungle Scout is referred to as “the Amazon research tool” and why every other tool is compared to it.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and how they can help you:

Jungle Scout’s Niche Hunter is my favourite feature of the web app as a product research geek. It allows you to identify profitable niche ideas, products, and keywords based on criteria such as:

Self-explanatory product category.

Competition is graded on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least competitive and 10 being the most competitive. A score of one usually indicates a low number of reviews and a good chance of ranking on page one.

Listing Quality Score (LQS): Amazon SEO exists, and there is a method for optimising listings to rank higher. LQS is a metric that measures how well listings in each niche are optimised.

Average Cost: Quite self-explanatory. This helps me determine whether my intended retail price has a chance of succeeding. If the average price is $8, selling for $25-$30 seems unlikely.
The Opportunity Score is a total score based on all of the factors. If it’s high, it’s a fantastic opportunity (in theory).
You enter the parameters, and it returns a list of interesting niches and keyword ideas for you to investigate. You can then delve deeper into the data to learn more about the most popular products in each niche. This will give you a better idea of how profitable the niche is BEFORE you invest any time in it.

Product Tracker

Product Tracker displays a product’s complete sales history. It instantly gives me the average price, rating, fees, weight, search volume, and sales trends (plus more!) for this yoga mat.

The Product Tracker on Jungle Scout provides a real-time snapshot of a product’s sales history.

How does this help?

Assume you’re looking for product ideas and come across what you believe to be the next big thing: 1,500 live ladybugs. This is, indeed, real life.

Simply enter this product into Product Tracker to get a comprehensive view of its history and assess its potential to be the next big thing (which I believe is very high). You’ll get Best Seller Rank, Price, Units Sold, Inventory in Stock, reviews, and a slew of other information.

This provides a much safer, data-driven approach to research than relying solely on intuition.

Product Database

The Jungle Scout Product Database contains over 70 million Amazon products.

The best part is the preset filters, which provide instant inspiration. When faced with a 70-million-product list, it’s easy to become paralysed by analysis paralysis. The filters allow you to select the most common criteria (such as high demand/low competition).

Many new Amazon FBA business owners overlook the product database. Don’t be one of these individuals. There’s a lot of useful information here, including a profit calculator (with fees), international marketplaces, and product rankings.

For example, if you’re looking for products with an average price of $350 and 4-star ratings, you can quickly find every product on Amazon that meets those requirements.

The product database is extremely useful regardless of where you are in your Amazon FBA journey.

Keyword Scout

Keyword research on Amazon is critical to your success. You want to make sure that people are searching for your product, and that your listings are optimised to match those search queries.

Finding the right keywords used to be more of a trial-and-error process before more advanced KW tools. You simply conducted some basic research, ran some ads, wrote some content, and hoped for the best.

Have you ever thrown $10,000 down the toilet? Without Keyword Scout, KW research would essentially be the same.

Keyword Scout provides numerous benefits:

Niche keywords sought after by genuine Amazon customers
Keyword demand, including sales revenue, number of sales, and other key performance indicators for Amazon sellers
Understanding the significance of keywords
Set a budget for your PPC campaigns and save money.
Rank products faster for difficult keywords.
One major advantage the company claims to have here is that they base their tool on real community demands as well as sellers within the company. As a result, this tool reflects what the community wanted to see in a KW tool. Not bad at all!

Ease of Ranking and Keyword Difficulty

This is a 1-100 scale that indicates how difficult it is to rank for a term. Longer and more specific terms, such as “women’s flat feet running shoes,” are usually low, whereas “women’s shoes” is nearly impossible.

Relevancy Rating
This score indicates the relevance of a term to your original search. Not particularly useful if you are well-versed in your niche/product. However, if you’re still learning, you can occasionally catch a synonym, a slang term, or some random jargon to beef up your listing and work on that listing quality score.

Jungle Scout Pricing – How Much Does It Cost? Is it worthwhile?
The pricing of Jungle Scout is initially perplexing. There are three options: the web app, the Chrome extension, and the combo package.

And the cost varies depending on whether you pay monthly or annually. Oh, and it also changes based on the number of confirmed monthly orders.

Isn’t this entertaining?

But, upon closer inspection, it’s not all that perplexing. It’s just not as simple as other tools out there.

I’ll break it down quickly for you here. If you just want to see the plans and start a free trial, you can go to Jungle Scout’s pricing page.

The Basics
If you’re wondering whether or not you need Jungle Scout, you’re probably not processing thousands of orders per month. So I’ll just stick to the fundamentals (0-500 orders a month).

Here’s the lowdown:

still with me?

  • Package: If you buy both together (and you should), you save big.
  • Monthly – $69/mo | Yearly – $49/mo.


still with me?

  • Package: If you buy both together (and you should), you save big. Monthly – $69/mo | Yearly – $49/mo.

Here’s the snag…


Your payment is determined by the number of confirmed orders.
The more you sell, the more Jungle Scout costs. It doesn’t seem fair to me, but I don’t want to build my own Amazon product research tool, so I’m stuck with it.

NOTE: The Chrome extension’s payment never changes.

The following are the various payment options (monthly | yearly) for the package deal ONLY:

  • 501 – 2,000: $89/mo | $59/mo
  • 2,001 – 5,000: $119/mo | $79/mo
  • 5,0001 – 10,000: $219/mo | $139/mo
  • 10,001 +: $419/mo | $259/mo

So, the $39/month to $419/month question…

Is Jungle Scout worth the money?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive from new entrepreneurs. Yes, in my opinion. 100%.

For less than $50 per month, you get a tool that does the following:

Saves you hours/days of work by identifying the best products to sell for your company and displaying which terms to use to optimise your listings
Displays the entire history of sales numbers so you can make informed decisions.
It assists you in estimating your PPC budget.
Explore every niche immediately to find untapped products to sell. This is far from an exhaustive list.

Yes, the price rises as you sell more, but at that point, why should you care? The price only rises as you make more sales. It is completely worthwhile.


The one drawback to all of this is that Jungle Scout is not a miracle solution on which you should rely entirely. That is a common error among newcomers. It is unquestionably correct, but only if you know what you’re looking for. You must first understand how the market works and have a good understanding of Amazon.


Jungle Scout Pro Chrome Extension


The Jungle Scout Pro Chrome Extension is up next.

There’s some misunderstanding here, so I’d like to clear that up first. Jungle Scout is available in two flavours: web-based software and a Chrome extension.

The Jungle Scout web app is probably familiar to you. You do all of your number crunching, product tracking, and niche hunting here.

The Chrome extension is a cool little plugin that pulls tonnes of useful product information directly from the Amazon product page.

Let me explain…

What is the purpose of the Jungle Scout Pro Chrome Extension?
The Jungle Scout Pro Extension is a product research and evaluation tool that integrates directly into your browser and adds a cool icon for you to click whenever you need to conduct quick product research.

The Chrome extension is essentially just an extension of the JS web app. Do you see what I mean? It enables you to quickly add products to the software for tracking, view basic statistics for each product, view pricing, estimate monthly sales, research and export keywords, and even examine Google Trends data.

Here are some of the search results’ features:

  • Price
  • Category
  • Rank
  • Historical Price
  • Historical Rank
  • Monthly and Daily Sales
  • Sales revenue
  • # of Reviews
  • Rating
  • Type of Seller (FBA, FBM, AMZ)


It also allows you to see your Opportunity Score!

What Is the Distinction Between the Chrome Extension and the Web App?

The Chrome extension provides a quick overview of all of the product’s key information. When you click the icon in your browser, it instantly generates a wealth of useful information. This will easily save you several hours per product.

The web app is a more robust, complicated programme with a plethora of features that can be used for more in-depth or general research. Consider the extension to be a quick, real-time view of the most important information for a single product, and the web app to be the full programme for general Amazon research (e.g. niche hunting).

What is the Jungle Scout Pro Extension?
It’s extremely simple. That is why FBA professionals adore it.

Let’s use the Live Ladybug as an example because it’s a dead ringer for the best product of 2022. Assume you’re browsing Amazon and come across 1,500 living Coccinellidae and want to learn everything you can about these adorable little bugs.

All you have to do is click on the Chrome extension icon in the top right corner to get to this page:



You are immediately presented with monthly sales, sales rank, average price, and reviews. Not bad at all. With the Pro Version, you also get an Opportunity Score, Monthly Sales, and Profit Calculator.

This will probably look like Ancient Greek to you at first. It certainly did to me. However, once you understand what all of these numbers mean, this will become invaluable. Believe me.

What is the distinction between the Pro and Lite Editions?
The Jungle Scout Extension Lite is the less expensive version. The primary distinction between Pro and Lite is that Pro includes the most important features, including Opportunity Score, Profit Calculator, and BSR. Furthermore, Pro includes additional metrics for each product.

Unless you go Pro, the extension isn’t worth it in my opinion.

Can I Use the Jungle Scout Pro Extension on Multiple Computers?

Yes, but when you log in from a new device, you will be logged out on the previous one. The extension only allows one user to use it at a time. However, many customers report sharing an account with their entire team.

A Quick Jungle Scout Tutorial on How to Use Jungle Scout
I’m going to walk you through a quick Jungle Scout tutorial so you can see how to interpret #crushing products before purchasing.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people buy the product, open it up, and then freeze when they’re hit with data from the Library of Congress.

So, let me show you how to differentiate between winners and losers.

What Makes a Product Successful?
Before I explain how to use the Jungle Scout web app, you should first understand what a winning product looks like. Insert an inspirational quote about laying a solid foundation here.

Here’s how to tell if a product is a winner at a glance:

Low saturation: High sales do not always imply a good product. You won’t be able to break into the market if there are thousands of competitors at every price point.
Consistent demand: You must provide the people with what they desire. Use the JS web app to look up demand history and choose something with consistent demand. The founder of Jungle Scout recommends 3,000 units sold per month for the main keyword.
Unique value proposition: What exactly makes you stick out from competitors? It could be a more ergonomic design, additional batteries, or a longer warranty. There has to be something that makes you better.

How to Use Jungle Scout Like a Boss?

I just wanted to share my thoughts on how to approach using Jungle Scout.

Before you start the programme, you should have an idea of what you want to sell, including the niche, country, price, and so on. That, in my experience, helps guide you through the decision-making process.

I’ll come up with an idea and then validate it with JS. I’ll use the extension to run queries for profitable products in my niche, and then use the web app to refine that research.


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