The letter of motivation for a scholarship program EMECW

The letter of motivation for a scholarship program EMECW


I’m submitting my motivation letter to give you a rough picture of who I am and why I’m interested in the scholarship.
I, who?
I’m a 21-year-old student at Masaryk University’s Faculty of Economics and Administration by the name of Ronald Steve. Information systems for the economy are my area of study.
I also enjoy studying economics and information technology. What could be more enjoyable than combining a hobby with a responsibility?


What motivates me to pursue the scholarship?

Since I arrived at the institution, the thought of trying to acquire a scholarship has been in the back of my mind. But a few weeks ago, after learning about this possibility from a classmate, I began to think more seriously about it.
Being inherently interested and intrepid, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to learn that the destination was in the Middle East. And there’s one more thing I want to mention. Imagine if I were given the choice between two scholarships. the first to Jordan and the second to the United States. Despite never having visited the USA, I would pick the second option. Why? I’m quite tired of a “consumer” society, therefore traveling to countries like the USA won’t help me learn more about other cultures. One of the reasons I’m interested in your offer is because of that.

What do I Expect?
My interests are also in the cultural and social arenas, as was already noted. My opinion is that receiving a scholarship should not be the primary benefit for the student.

The best method to get an objective opinion on society is to become familiar with the practises and lifestyles of diverse individuals. So, the question “What do I expect?” has an obvious response. I’m not suggesting that I don’t want to learn new talents in the area of my academic goal, of course. I’m quite interested in economics and information technology, so this is a great method to further my knowledge in those fields. Furthermore, I think I may be useful to the other students as well. Depending on how much interaction you have with them, yes. And I’m confident that your generosity will grant my wish.

Best regards
Ronald Steve


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